Why participate? We have never polled the hundreds of participants (maybe we should), but one thing is certain; the derby is growing when others are failing, and people keep coming back. Whether it's the awesomely friendly party and breath-taking venue, making new friends among passionate peers that have volunteered literally thousands of hours, great fishing (and bragging rights for the big fish), professionally guided experience for (us) newbies, crazy good prizes (over $200,000 to date, and nobody goes home without!), the demonstrably successful opportunity to advance professional and business interests, or just because people want to support our cause of salmon enhancement ($131,500 to date!), we've got it going on. The proof is in the numbers and sponsors just keep up-ing the game with better prizes and more money, new host firms keep signing on, and ticket sales are pressing the limits of the available venue. 

How to play

Tickets for the July 29, 2017 derby are available on the payment tab! Our event is invitation only by a Consulting/Engineering host. This means any Engineering firm that supports the event with a hosting fee ($100 for less than 20 employees, or $250 for 20+) now allows all employees & invited guests of that firm to purchase a ticket for the event. For Special Guests, no hosting fee is required, just ticket purchase. Sponsors also get tickets according to their sponsor level.

Event Agenda
1 In order to avoid any delays in the morning,  it is recommended that you get your license beforehand.
2 The only official weigh-in station will be open from 12 PM noon – please note:  we do not issue tickets for this event, instead we compile a master guest list through paypal confirmations and committee reps to determine entrants.   If you are bringing guests and cannot provide their names prior to the derby, it will be your responsibility to vouch for your group guests when you come in for weigh-in.  All entrants will receive wristbands at the time of weigh-in to confirm entry.
3 Bar will open at 1:00 PM.  Beer is provided, liquor & wine is cash bar.
4 Around 1:45 PM mingling and music will start in the conference center and surrounding area.
5 At 2:00 PM, the weigh-in station officially closes.
6 Approximately at 3:00 PM the dinner buffet will open.
7 At around 3:15 PM, short derby speech, MC intro.
8 At around 3:30pm, music starts back up - mingling time (raffle tickest close at 4:00pm).
9 Around 4:00PM, sponsor recognition
10 Around 4:30PM award ceremony and prize draw .
11 Event ends approx. 5:30PM – rest of the night remains unregulated.



Prizes will be awarded as outlined in the table below. The fisher catching the heaviest salmon will receive the coveted derby trophy with name and company name engraved for their office to display until the next year’s derby, as well as a smaller trophy to keep. Sponsors and Consultants, the two Team Categories, compete for separate perpetual trophies. The overall winner gets first pick at the prize table. The top ten places choose from the prize table in accordance with the table below. All tickets holders will get their chance at the prize table by random draw.

Order Prize Class Criteria Who Prize
A Derby Winner Consultant Category Heaviest individual salmon; consultants Team of Catcher Title Best Consultant, Trophy
B Derby Winner Sponsor Category Heaviest individual salmon; sponsors Team of Catcher Title Best Sponsor, Trophy
1 Largest Salmon Heaviest overall from consultant or sponsor category Catcher Title Best Fisherman Alive 1st Pick + shirt + trophy
2 Largest Salmon(of other team category) Heaviest from other team category Catcher Title Outstanding Fisherman 2nd Pick + shirt
3 3rd Largest Salmon Largest remaining salmon Catcher 3rd Pick
4 Biggest Bottom Fish Heaviest non-salmon ** (see below) Catcher Title Great Fisherman

4th Pick + shirt
5 4th Largest Salmon 2nd largest remaining salmon Catcher 5th Pick
6 Best Skipper Highest AVERAGE fish weight per person on boat Skipper (non-pro) Title Best Skipper 6th Pick + shirt
7 Hidden weight Closest fish weight to hidden number Catcher 7th Pick
8 5th Largest Salmon 3rd largest remaining salmon Catcher 8th Pick
9 6th Largest Salmon 4th largest remaining salmon Catcher 9th Pick
10 Hidden weight #2 Closest fish weight to hidden number Catcher 10th Pick

We will call out additional 25 prizes based on largest remaining salmon.  The rest will be random draw by team name.

** Only legal sized game fish that will be used for human consumption are considered (ie halibut, rock fish, ling cod).  There is also a 5lb minimum for any fish to qualify.  If no fish qualify for category, it will be replaced with the next largest salmon.



Booking for sponsors only. Please book sooner than later as you will find their slots fill up fast as prime fishing season approaches!  For consultants looking for boats, please arrange for non-professional skippers personally or request one if you are unable to locate a suitable boat.  If you are taking clients or can’t find a boat, using a guide is an acceptable option.


Regular Boats Large Party Boats
Crab Shack Charters Springtide 
Tailspin Charters  Fantasea Charters
D&D Fishing Charters  
Blue Wolf Charters   
No Banana’s  Fishing Charters  
Reel Excitement Charters  
Island Outfitters   
Sooke Salmon Charters    
Tailout Fishing Adventures  
Mark Grant’s Salmon Charters  
Sea ghost Charters  
Fresh One Fishing Charters  
Spencer’s Sport Fishing   
T&T Fishing Charters  
Ocean Dreams Charters  
Invictus Charters  
2 Reel Fishing Charter  
Fishing Charters BC  



Prestige Oceanfront Resort is comprised of standard rooms with either a queen bed that sleeps up to 2, or 2 queens that sleep up to 4. They have reserved a block of 15 rooms with a queen bed and will offer discounted rates for Consultant Derby participants at $149.99/night, or a block of 26 rooms with 2 queen beds ($10 extra for each over 2 guests).  Mention the derby when you call (250) 642-0805) to secure this great rate.  This is only good for up to May 15th, so move quick to secure the price, after that date, the price will go up to $179.

Sooke Harbour Resort is comprised of 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses. They offer rates as follows: – 2 bedroom (sleeps 4) $254/night, 3 bedroom (sleeps 6) $304.   Please call the office at 250-642-3236 to determine if they will offer any discounts for derby participants.   Note that trailer parking (may have to unhook within your space), and moorage (75c/foot) is available with your booking.   Boats over 24′ may not have space available though.

There are also a number of bed and breakfasts available in the Sooke area.


If you find you cannot secure a boat and a skipper can’t be located, there is also the option of renting a boat through Pedder Bay Marina