Why Sponsor?

Our derby is one of the best targeted marketing channels to put your brand in front of an affluent and influential community of outdoorsy professionals.We have never polled the hundreds of participants (maybe we should), but one thing is certain; the derby is growing when others are failing, and people and sponsors keep coming back. Whether it's the awesomely friendly party and breath-taking venue, making new friends amonamong passionate peers and leveraging the literally thousands of hours of volunteer effort, great fishing (and bragging rights for the big fish), crazy good prizes (nobody goes home without), the demonstrably successful opportunity to advance professional and business interests, or just because people want to support our cause of salmon enhancement (over $131,000 to date!), we've got it going on. The proof is in the numbers and sponsors just keep up-ing the game with better prizes and more money, new host firms, sponsors, and participants keep signing on, and ticket sales are pressing the limits of the available venue. Your firm may invest in an annual team-building or customer appreciation party anyhow, so why not save the money and join ours? A derby ticket might be just the magic to close the deal!

Equalivalent sponsor rankings compete on a first come - first serve basis, and buy-in is just a click away on our payments page, so join the party early!

Please use the contact form if you would like to sponsor our derby! We encourage industry suppliers and contractors to support our event based on our sponsorship levels. You can attend the event as: Feature or Platinum Sponsor (minimum $3000 cash or equivalent prizes), this provides you with 10 free tickets and the option to purchase 10 more; or Gold Sponsor (minimum $1000 cash or equivalent prizes), this provides you with 4 free tickets and the option to purchase 4 more; or Silver ($500-999) which comes with 2 free tickets.   We are also proud to give away a prize to all participants so look for sponsorship from local businesses as well in the form of prizes (or cash!)   This could be gift certificates, offers of services or labour, or prizes, regardless how big or small.

Sponsors are ranked in their class in order of first come - first serve, so buy in early!

BENEFITS (cash or retail value)

Top $ sponsor
$1000 - $2999
$500 - $999
Large logo printed on back of min. 100 T-shirts x        
Speaking opportunity x        
Company banners displayed at event x x      
Opportunity for merchandise/product display at event x x      
Website homepage logo display c/w hyperlink to your site x x      
Welcomed to banquet podium c/w T-shirt/photo opp. @ event x x      
SEO connection in various media x x      
Company logo/recognition on next years brochure x x      
Invite to pre-party hosted by Martech evening prior x x x  x  
Event tickets 10 free + buy 10 more 10 free + buy 10 more 4 free + buy 4 more  2 free tickets ***  
Emcee recognition during event x x x x As a group
Event display board recognition at event Full board display Prominent display Large logo display Medium logo display Small logo display
Times Colonist thank you ad (min. 1/4 page colour) Logo & In-text recognition Prominent logo Bold text display Prominent text display Small text display
Website Promotion Level  Feature Platinum Gold Silver Bronze

 *** Free tickets at silver sponsor level with cash donation only