This is an 'Invitational' event, and ticket purchases require a Host/Consultant/Sponsor endorsement. Please see the Participation or Sponsors tab. As a reminder, silver cash sponsor is entitled to 2 free tickets and won't need to do anything further.  Gold allows you 4 free tickets then you can purchase up to 4 more, platinum allows 10 free tickets, and you can purchase up to 10 more. You will not receive a ticket for the event, but instead, will be placed on our guest list through registration and checked in at the derby weigh-in down near the District of Sooke boat Ramp below the Prestige.  You will need a wrist-band at registration for entry into the venue.


Note, regular ticket pricing of $75 is now set.

Please note as paypal options have become limited - if you are purchasing multiple tickets or are new to the event, please email additional ticket name information & team name.  This helps guest list compilation run that much smoother.  Thanks


Sponsor Payments

(platinum comes with 10 free tickets, you may purchase up to 10 more above; gold comes with 4 free tickets, you may purchase up to 4 more; cash silver sponsor allows for 2 free tickets) 

Sponsor Levels

Host Payments

Note, these are minimum payments required for the hosts (engineering firms).   As has been often the case, higher payment entitles the company to the same sponsorship perks as everyone else at those levels.   Encourage your manager to open your wallet and one up the competition, knowing you will also be helping to increase the donations that go back to the community.

Company Size

Please email if you have any questions relating to payments.