Prizes will be awarded as outlined in the table below. The fisherman catching the heaviest salmon will receive the coveted derby trophy with his name and his company’s name engraved for their office to display until the next year’s derby, as well as a smaller trophy to keep. Sponsors and Consultants, the two Team Categories, compete for separate perpetual trophies. The overall winner gets first pick at the prize table. The top ten places choose from the prize table in accordance with the table below. All tickets holders will get their chance at the prize table by random draw.

Order Prize Class Criteria Who Prize
A Derby Winner Consultant Category Heaviest individual salmon; consultants Team of Catcher Title Best Consultant, Trophy
B Derby Winner Sponsor Category Heaviest individual salmon; sponsors Team of Catcher Title Best Sponsor, Trophy
1 Largest Salmon Heaviest overall from consultant or sponsor category Catcher Title Best Fisherman Alive 1st Pick + hat + trophy
2 Largest Salmon(of other team category) Heaviest from other team category Catcher Title Outstanding Fisherman 2nd Pick + hat
3 3rd Largest Salmon Largest remaining salmon Catcher 3rd Pick
4 Biggest Bottom Fish Heaviest non-salmon** (see below) Catcher Title Great Fisherman

4th Pick + hat
5 4th Largest Salmon 2nd largest remaining salmon Catcher 5th Pick
6 Best Skipper Highest AVERAGE fish weight per person on boat Skipper (non-pro) Title Best Skipper 6th Pick + hat
7 Hidden weight Closest fish weight to hidden number Catcher 7th Pick
8 5th Largest Salmon 3rd largest remaining salmon Catcher 8th Pick
9 6th Largest Salmon 4th largest remaining salmon Catcher 9th Pick
10 Hidden weight #2 Closest fish weight to hidden number Catcher

10th Pick

We will call out additional 25 prizes based on largest remaining salmon.  The rest will be random draw by team name.

** Only legal sized game fish that will be used for human consumption are considered (ie halibut, rock fish, ling cod), and minimum weight of 5 lbs.  If none are weighed in above 5 lbs, the prize will be awarded to 2nd largest remaining salmon.

Partial List Of 2017 Prizes


many more prizes at the event!