1 Make sure you have a good time and do not take it too serious!
2 To participate in this derby you must possess a valid ticket and a valid fishing license + salmon stamp.
3 Only fish that are legal to catch and retain according to the current BC fishing regulations are considered.
4 Skipper and crew are responsible for provision of required safety equipment and knowledge in current boating and fishing regulations.
5 Derby start is open means you can launch the boat and start fishing any time on derby day.  Coordinate with your skipper when and where your boat departs.
6 Most skippers will fish between Beecher Bay and Otter Point and may not fish beyond Jordan River.  You are encouraged to socialize with the crowd by means of shouting or via VHS channel 68.
7 Latest weigh-in is 2:00 PM at District of Sooke boat ramp @ Prestige Oceanfront Resort and Conference Centre.  Send a crew member to the fish scale to report your arrival on time - you must be in lineup at 2pm latest to be eligible or you will be disqualified.  The weigh-in station will be open from 12 PM noon.
8 If you want to moor only during the ceremonies at Sooke Harbour Resort, please call ahead for arrangements.
9 Skippers to arrange for a fishing order on their boats to give every fisher a fair chance in the derby;  e.g. draw numbers for each fisher and let them play the fish according to the numbers No. 1 takes the first strike, No. 2 the second strike no matter if fish was landed or not
10 Each fisher to bring at least 4 marked (colored etc.) cable ties to mark the fish you kept.  This will prevent discussions about whose fish is which later
11 You may only weigh in one salmon (clipped coho, chinook, pink, chum), and one bottom fish.  Volunteers will help sort out prior to weigh-in to expedite matters.
12 Check the Prize Draw List to find out what categories apply for prizes.  Please note: You can pick up maximum ONE prize even if you win more than one category!
13 Photographs will be taken for use in media and website advertising.  Please contact a committee member if you wish to be excluded from any promotional activity.
14 The Derby assumes no responsibility for any damage or accident occurring during or as a result of the event.
15 Note: Only one prize per ticket pulled for the raffle.  The tickets will not be returned to the barrel once drawn.  Multiple prizes however can be won by those purchasing multiple tickets.  Raffle prizes will be drawn in reverse order at around 5:15pm –  4th prize, 3rd prize, 2nd prize, then grand prize.
16 Ok, not a rule, but please keep in mind even if we were in a heatwave during the event, it could be foggy on the fishing grounds and it would be much cooler until it burns off.  Dress accordingly with layers!

Additional Rules for Professional Guides

1 Professionally guided charters are typically allowed only for the Sponsor Team Category but will be allowed for consultants that are unable to secure a boat otherwise.  Professional guides are only eligible to weigh-in a fish if they are participating as an eligible sponsor.  
2 Guides can setup gear and set hook, but are not allowed to touch the rods during battle!  Guides can net fish.

Event Agenda

1 In order to avoid any delays in the morning,  it is recommended that you get your license beforehand.
2 The only official weigh-in station will be open from 12 PM noon – please note:  we do not issue tickets for this event, instead we compile a master guest list through paypal confirmations and committee reps to determine entrants.   If you are bringing guests and cannot provide their names prior to the derby, it will be your responsibility to vouch for your group guests when you come in for weigh-inAll entrants will receive wristbands at the time of weigh-in to confirm entry.
3 Bar will open at 1:00 PM.  Beer is provided, liquor & wine is cash bar.
4 Around 1:45 PM mingling and music will start in the conference center and surrounding area.
5 At 2:00 PM, the weigh-in station officially closes.
6 Approximately at 3:00 PM the dinner buffet will open.
7 At around 3:15 PM, short derby speech, MC intro.
8 At around 3:30pm, music starts back up - mingling time (raffle tickest close at 4:00pm).
9 Around 4:00PM, sponsor recognition
10 Around 4:30PM award ceremony and prize draw .
11 Event ends approx. 5:30PM – rest of the night remains unregulated.