West coast salmon populations face a multitude of challenges in ecosystems impacted by humans. It is the responsibility of professionals entrusted by the public, both as practitioners and regulators, to create, uphold, exercise, and enforce best practices in resource and land development to ensure salmon will remain an integral part of our west coast ecosystem. To live up to this responsibility, professionals need to build relationships; with our west coast ecosystem to understand and appreciate it, and with industry peers and authorities to optimize project delivery. The Consultants Invitational Fishing Derby is the ideal venue to help engineering professionals build those vital relationships. Participants from both private and public sectors are treated to experience first-hand the beauty and bounty of the west coast in a casual and fun atmosphere with peers, clients, and business partners.


The Derby builds relationships. Relationships build trust. Trust builds business.

A few facts about the event:

In the 1980’s, the tradition began with UMA Engineering hosting a small local fishing derby.

By 2005, their derby expanded to become a regional event hosted by nine consulting firms.

In 2008, we took the next step with sponsorship, giving our industry suppliers and manufacturers a chance to sponsor and get together with many of their business contacts in a relaxed setting. included contractors, and members of the local government.

In 2010, we once again looked to expansion, inviting other disciplines within the engineering community, and also getting involvement from CEBC, BC’s association of engineering consulting firms with a membership of 86 firms.

In 2011, thanks to the District of Sooke and their generous donation towards the use of the Prestige Conference Centre, we look forward to the flexibility of indoors or outdoors depending on what the weather offers in hopefully what will be our long term base for the event. We are also very happy to include ASTTBC as a supporter representing over 8000 professionals in BC.

In 2012 the event saw almost 300 participants from 15 major engineering firms, 4 local governments, participants from related industries as far away as San Francisco, CA. Highlights were donations of $10,000 to the Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society, $2,000 to the Craigflower Creek Streamkeeper, $2,000 to the Nootka Sound Watershed Society, as well as prizes for each and every participant.

In 2015 we didn't quite top the prior year, but we were really close and happy to report over 300 participants raising $16,000 in donations, bringing our 10 year total to $116,000! We are proud to see our efforts put towards good volunteer organizations, and with several other local derbies folding in recent years we have continuing concern for the viability of our local rivers in the face of creeping development of the landscape.

In 2017, thanks to generous involvement from several employees of the Capital regional District (CrD), our committee has strengthened and is welcoming new ideas and more rounded support. With the CrD’s strong support in the past and in the future, as well as being active in our community supporting grass roots movements and the protection of sensitive eco-systems, we see strong synergy moving forward and are looking forward to a great year.