Welcome to the 2017 Consultants' Invitational Fishing Derby!

Where: Prestige Oceanfront Resort, Sooke, BC

When: July 28 (pre-event reception) & 29, 2017 (main event).

This event represents decades of uncounted volunteer hours in the making, $131,500 raised for salmon enhancement & stream restoration projects, almost $200,000 in prizes, and development of a vast network of relationships touching the engineering community.  We hit the tipping point, and this year we have incorporated as a non-profit society to up the game (and the fun) to a whole new level!  

Click here  to view the 2017 derby brochure (design donated by Salt Water Communications Inc).                                                                                    

A special thanks to our 2017 Feature Sponsor, Serengeti Fishing Charters


and our 2017 Platinum sponsors:





 Aug 5 (updated 22nd) - we made it!  Another year, another success.  No question the wind did a number on a few of our tweaks this year - adds to the challenge I guess!   We have seen it before, but when its windy, the prizes get blown around, the tents go flying, the banners fall over!  Good times.   Knock on wood thou, besides a couple of light showers, our actual event has never been rained out and we are very thankful for that!

This year as mentioned, we looked to up the game some.  We were looking to improve efficiency with the presentations by setting up platinum shirt/hat pickup down by the weigh-in, and we also wanted more exposure for our platinum sponsors with a sponsor banner attached to the weigh-in scale.  Great in theory, and works well in derbies down in the US, but perhaps they don't get our wind!  An adventure with the sails we set up, but a learning curve we will quickly figure out so we anticipate improvement here moving forward!

In the end though, we sorted things out and we produced another successful event c/w another big donation of $16,000!   Of that, a $6000 cheque went to Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society, a $2000 cheque to Esquimalt Anglers Association, a $2000 to San Lake Xmas Hill Nature Sanctuary and $4500 went to San Juan roundtable with the remaining $1500 going to the Jordan River roundtable.  That makes almost $150,000 in donations since we started this amazing event and we really appreciate your support.  Have a look at our thanks ad  HERE that came out on Sunday's 6th edition of the Times Colonist.

So who won?  Well, with the weather nasty and the fish size down, it didn't take a tyee this year, but a big congrats AGAIN to team City of Victoria, and Dave Bonella taking the trophy (uh, which hadn't been picked up so are being delivered!  oops) with his 21.1lb spring.  For the sponsor trophy, the top fish went to Jim Whitnack of Don Mann Excavating with a 19.0lb salmon!   Congrats to both of you!



Also, pass on a big congrats again to Steve Chang for winning the great Port Hardy adventure package worth $7200!   That lucky guy, having won a Port Hardy fishing trip last year, gets to return next year!   I'm sure he is running out to buy lottery tickets right now!

Anyhow, 2017 in the books!  As always, we are always welcome to help, and we found more and more we would appreciate a fresh pair of hands to help this event succeed!  If this is you, feel free to write us a note in the 'contact us' tab and we will get ahold of you.  Prize hustle and/or derby organization experience would be great asset!  Any suggestions or comments in general would be greatly appreciated as well!