Main Event

The main event will held Saturday, July 29, 2017 at the Best Western Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort: weigh-in deadline at 2:00pm, dinner at 3:00pm & pre-party the evening before at the penthouse at Sooke Harbour Resort and Marina.

Event Agenda

1. In order to avoid any delays in the morning, it is recommended that you get your license beforehand.

2. The only official weigh-in station will be open from 12 PM noon – please note: we do not issue tickets for this event, instead we compile a master guest list through paypal confirmations and committee reps to determine entrants. If you are bringing guests and cannot provide their names prior to the derby, it will be your responsibility to vouch for your group guests when you come in for weigh-in. All entrants will receive wristbands at the time of weigh-in to confirm entry.

3. Bar will open at 1:00 PM. Beer is provided, liquor & wine is cash bar.

4. Around 1:45 PM mingling and music will start.

5. At 2:00 PM, the weigh-in station officially closes.

6. Approximately at 3:00 PM the dinner buffet will open.

7. At around 3:15 PM, short derby speech, MC intro.

8. At around 3:30pm, band starts up again for 2nd set (raffle tickest close at 4:00pm).

9. Around 4:00PM, sponsor recognition

10. Around 4:30PM award ceremony and prize draw.

11. Event ends approx. 5:30PM – rest of the night remains unregulated.