Welcome to the 2017 Consultants' Invitational Fishing Derby!

Where: Prestige Oceanfront Resort, Sooke, BC

When: July 28 (pre-event reception) & 29, 2017 (main event).

This event represents decades of uncounted volunteer hours in the making, $131,500 raised for salmon enhancement & stream restoration projects, almost $200,000 in prizes, and development of a vast network of relationships touching the engineering community.  We hit the tipping point, and this year we have incorporated as a non-profit society to up the game (and the fun) to a whole new level!  

Click here  to view the 2017 derby brochure (design donated by Salt Water Communications Inc).                                                                                    

A special thanks to our 2016 Feature Sponsor, Nootka Marine Adventures


and our 2016 Platinum sponsors:




2016 Wrapup

Well, a little late this time around but a fishing trip up north just after the event now means some catching up to do!   Needless to say, but once again, the event was a success and while we didn't hit our largest donation, we did still manage to raise $15,500!   No complaints here and that raises our total donations to over $131,000 over 11 years now!   Of course it 'feels' like we have put in about 131,000 hours to pull that off but its nice to know we are making a difference locally and furthur up the island.   

We did make a small tweak in our donations as we were wanting to commit $5,000 towards the South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition net pen project for supporting the southern pod orca diet.   We weren't able to quite make our goals all around, so final distribution is $5,000 to SVIAC, $4,000 to Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society, $4,000 to Juan De Fuca Restoration Society, and $2,500 to Nootka Sound Watershed Society.   As always, we are looking for ongoing, active, immediate projects were we can provide financial support.   We would gladly entertain other enhancement and stream restoration projects if you see them on the horizon.   Find us at the 'contact us' tab and we will review for future events.

To the event itself now, well, no secret the salmon fishing up and down the island has been dismal.  Wasn't much different with our event having only 38 fish weighed in out of well over 200 people!   Yikes!   That said, we still had some quality fish.   The winning team this year was Team City of Victoria thanks to Lorne Mitchell's 30.3lb tyee and his skipper with the right ingrediants Graham Rice!


 For our winning sponsor, fishing with Team Gibbs/Delta, the trophy went to Elliott Williams with his 23.8lb spring!   Great looking fish and a new champion taking the title away from Lighthouse Lures/Jughead Shakers!   For all you perspective sponsors out there, don't let them repeat now as that trophy could have your name on it next year!

Even though the fishing wasn't great, the weather cooperated with brilliant sunshine and calmer winds than we often see.   We hope the event was enjoyable and we have really appreciated your support year after year.   If you are interested in helping out make this event happen or have any recommendations, don't hesitate to drop us a note as we are always looking to improve the event and make it the best there is in Greater Victoria.   Little tweaks here and there can always help!

Until next year, tight lines!






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